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A collaborative environment focused on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solutions, working with industry leaders to innovate and create a better world.

About bIOTAsphere

bIOTAsphere is a collaborative environment for diverse communities to interact, innovate and inspire.

Collaborate with us at the next level of integrated Distributed Leger Technology (DLT) solutions, based on IOTA and the Tangle.

Leveraging the secure, open, public, and immutable IOTA protocol and its integrated currency will positively impact lives and the infrastructure where we work, rest and play.

We commercialize IOTA applications with the proven value of the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) – aka the Tangle – to solve some of the world’s largest and most complex problems.

Learn more about incorporating trust in your applications using DLT for secure, immutable data storage, machine-to-machine communications, simplified transactions, and other solutions.

100 Billion Reasons Why

Still wondering why to use the IOTA Distributed Ledger and what makes it so unique?

We have 100 Billion Reasons Why!

Watch as bIOTAsphere Founder, Terry Shane explains why blockchain solutions will not provide practical solutions for the Internet of Things.

“The bIOTAsphere embodies the ethos of the IOTA project to the letter. We look forward to future collaborations!”

David Sønstebø,
IOTA Foundation

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Here’s where the journey starts

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Create a Better World

Learn more about bIOTAsphere, and how we’re working to create a better world.

What’s Next?

Do you have an interesting DLT related project or idea? Let’s talk!

Insure My Car

Usage based vehicle insurance, utilizing the IOTA tangle for data storage and payments.

Supply Chain

Instead of several disconnected systems, IOTA provides common trusted data storage.

Renewable Energy

Taking renewable energy solutions to the next level by integrating DLT.

Smart Cities

Smarter integrated cities open up a wide range of innovation opportunities.

Biometric Identity

Biometric identity solutions, integrated with the IOTA tangle, to create more possibilities.