About bIOTAsphere

The bIOTAsphere embodies the ethos of the IOTA project to the letter. We look forward to the future collaborations!

– David Sønstebø, IOTA Foundation

Together we can create a better world

The future is small. Very small. Add up those micro-transactions and you’ve got a revolution.

bIOTAsphere is a self-sustaining, non-profit collaborative for diverse communities to interact, innovate and inspire and be part of the IOTA revolution.

By leveraging the secure, open, public, and immutable IOTA protocol and its integrated currency we can positively impact lives and the infrastructure where we work, rest, and play.

Some examples of how we can work towards a better world include:

  • Net-zero emissions globally
  • Smart cities
  • Feeless micro-transactions, ideal for device-to-device payments
  • Reduced risk through decentralization
  • Efficient supply chain management

Primary Goals of bIOTAshpere

Facilitate the commercialization of IOTA applications

Collaborate globally to help others see how the DAG based Tangle can solve some of the world’s large and complex problems

Demonstrate innovation of existing business models through proof of concepts and work with industry leaders to take these innovations further

The W Questions

We have various conversations underway with industry leaders in the sectors where we have built related proof of concepts.

We are also engaging in conversations regarding potential new proof of concepts to build and how they could be taken beyond the proof of concept stage.

We’re looking to collaborate with anyone who has a business transaction challenge. Anyone who needs secure, immutable data that can be shared between multiple parties, if desired. Anyone interested in innovating an existing business model or implementing a new one in a sophisticated way.

We want to connect with people who understand DLTs and want to use them in their business to solve a challenge, or satisfy a use case.

We are not a place solely to learn about IOTA; bIOTAsphere is a meeting place, a sharing place, and a solutions builder.

Want to collaborate?

Because it makes sense.

There are other Digital Leger Technologies (DLTs) out there. We just happen to think IOTA offers more advantages.

Here are some of the key advantages of IOTA over other DLT solutions:

  • DAG based instead of blockchain
  • No miners
  • Infinite scalability
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Ability to send absolutely miniscule micro-transactions
  • A focus on machine-to-machine transacting and communication
  • Very small proof-of-work requirements to issue transactions
  • Unique features, such as Masked Authenticated Messaging and Flash Channels
  • Unique security mechanisms integrated into the core protocol as well as the unique features offered
  • A very active, strong, and talented team and community behind the protocol

Here, there, and everywhere.

Like the Internet itself, bIOTAsphere is global but local.

We’re “based” in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada, but we are collaborating with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Yesterday. Now. Tomorrow.

bIOTAsphere is already gaining traction. It’s early days yet for DLTs, but we are producing innovative Proof of Concepts quickly, which are generating a lot of interest and providing inspiration.

Read about our projects in our showcase.

Want to work on a project together?

When one benefits, we all benefit.

We need you. You need us.

bIOTAsphere has demonstrated experience in building IOTA based applications. We have also brainstormed new innovative ideas at length, which are best implemented using a DLT based solution.

Our experience and ability to help shape an idea into something truly innovative, with a realistic solution and clear implementation details, is why bIOTAsphere can be a valuable partner to take your use case to the next level.

Start the conversation, and let’s help each other create a better world.