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From simple supply chain logistics to complex dynamic data, the IOTA protocol and currency bring unique solutions to the table.


While IOTA’s applications are diverse, we’re starting out by focusing on energy, identity, supply chains and micro-transactions.



Proof of Concept Projects


Insure My Car

Give your vehicle the power to insure itself!

Let your vehicle deal with insurance, just fund its IOTA smart wallet and your vehicle will find the best insurance coverage available based on real-time usage data, and pay insurance premiums for you.


Supply Chain

Supply chains are an integral part of society, and vital to our economies. However, in many cases multiple transportation providers are involved and each of them have their own systems, leading to multiple points of potential failure.

IOTA offers a common data storage facility that guarantees immutable data, which all parties can trust. This can significantly reduce complexity by standardizing how to share trusted data.


Renewable Energy

We are working on systems that will leverage renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind.

Do you want to facilitate a Net-Zero emission world using IOTA in the energy and carbon markets?


Smart Cities

Our cities are becoming more intelligent and interconnected. Sensors gather astonishing amounts of data that we leverage to improve our daily lives.

From tracking of vacant parking spaces, automatic traffic light behaviour adjustments, autonomous vehicle ride sharing co-ordination, and more.


Biometric Identity

Biometric identity projects often include use cases that can be more effectively implemented using Distributed Ledger Technology.

We have built proof of concepts utilizing Fujitsu palm vein scanners, and also conceptualized a variety of additional use cases.


What’s Next?

We have several other projects we’re very excited about in the fields of smart cities, renewable energy, biometric identity, and supply chain.

We have the knowledge and resources to turn your concepts into reality, contact us to discuss your DLT project.

Video Showcase


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IOTA Head of Smart Cities

July 30th, 2018

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IOTA Head of Financial Relations

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September 27th, 2018

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